So I weighed this morning cause I thought it was time I know. This is after not weighing for several weeks or months maybe.

    Anyways the number on the scale surprised me considering the fact that I have been gaining muscle (training 5 days per week) and feeling like a hippo as of late but I’m 132!

    Which is not horrific considering the fact that I was thinking of weighing 125lbs with lean muscle (around aug 17) BUT the bf said to me on Thursday that I dare not lose any more weight n just focus more on squats n lunges since I seem to be losing my ass now! Lol

    Funny enough during my “massively big week” persons have told me that I’ve gotten so much smaller but I don’t see it. Need I go as far as saying I thought they were mocking me and being cruel!

    Apparently I may have been losing inches but i sure as hell don’t feel that way! I recognize this is all stemming from the Ed given the increase stress I have been under.

    It would suggest that I need to go talk to my therapist which I really don’t want to!

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    Posted on Saturday, 14 July
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