So about today…

    I had a complicated day today.

    I was asked to collect judgment in appeal court in the middle of me finishing submissions (written) that my other work colleague was supposed to do >=[ And I was pissed as hell because I did most of the work for the preparation of the trial, the actual advocacy and so the least thing she could do at the end was the submissions. Anyways she did NOT, so my Director asked me to do them, because homegirl is on 10 days departmental leave.

    Nevermind that the submissions were due from July 17th but I did them nonetheless and as I printed (all of a sudden 2/3 printers on our floor malfunctioned) all 22 pages, I later learnt that our bearer (after I implored him not to leave without them) left and did not wait for them. On asking homegirl, who miraculously popped into office if she could go downtown and file it she nonchalantly responded that she is on leave n shouldn’t even be there >=[

    So I didn’t file the documents today. I refused to take my personal car back downtown to file submissions that I should not have been asked to do on Monday (July 30 all of 13 days past the deadline).

    So I left the submissions with my secretary, grabbed my things and cut because I would have blown up in the office.

    On my way home I stopped and got lunch at 4pm (Yes I was just eating) which was noodles and mala chicken; a brownie with nuts and a slice of rich chocolate cake. (Are you seeing whats happening).

    Anyways when I got home good sense prevailed, I had about 1/4 of the noodles and chicken, half of the brownie and none of the cake. I gave the rest to my family.

    Now all that I’m about is a few movies and then shut eye. Tomorrow is a public holiday (Emancipation day) so it means no Babylon work :))))))))))))))))))))

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    Posted on Tuesday, 31 July
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