Back injury?

    Ughh my lower back has a slight annoying pain whenever I stand or sit down, which is basically all the time.

    I went beast mode on leg day last Monday, including squats but I was with my trainer n didn’t feel like I struggling or straining.

    Needless to say I have been going extra easy on the gym side.

    Hope my body has recovered cuz tomorrow it’s back to the grind.

    Happy Sunday everyone!

    July 23 intake

    Pre workout protein shake

    B: double eggs scrambled
    M: nothing
    L: chicken Alfredo pasta
    M: nothing
    D: chicken rice n mixed vegetables

    Water: 1.5l

    So I exercise like a mofo but my diet leaves much wanting. I am in the process of overhauling tho

    My Workout For Monday July 22I earned 661 points for my workout on Fitocracy!
    • V-Squat Machine +147 pts

      • 120 lb x 18 reps (+45 pts)
      • 140 lb x 16 reps (+50 pts)
      • 150 lb x 14 reps (+52 pts)
    • Glute Kickback +17 pts

      • 70 lb x 18 reps (+17 pts)
    • Leg Extensions +50 pts

      • 55 lb x 20 reps (+16 pts)
      • 65 lb x 18 reps (+17 pts)
      • 70 lb x 16 reps (+17 pts)
    • Dumbbell Bench Press +123 pts

      • 25 lb x 16 reps (+62 pts)
      • 25 lb x 14 reps (+61 pts)
    • Decline Barbell Bench Press +89 pts

      • 50 lb x 16 reps (+42 pts)
      • 70 lb x 14 reps (+47 pts)
    • Leg Press +129 pts

      • 225 lb x 16 reps (+41 pts)
      • 250 lb x 14 reps (+44 pts)
      • 250 lb x 14 reps (+44 pts)
    • Machine Chest Fly (Pec Deck) +24 pts

      • 24 lb x 16 reps (+12 pts)
      • 24 lb x 16 reps (+12 pts)
    • Lying Leg Curls +39 pts

      • 25 lb x 20 reps (+13 pts)
      • 30 lb x 18 reps (+13 pts)
      • 35 lb x 16 reps (+13 pts)
    • Cable Hip Adduction +43 pts

      • 45 lb x 18 reps (+15 pts)
      • 45 lb x 16 reps (+14 pts)
      • 45 lb x 14 reps (+14 pts)

    Think you can beat me, or want to comment?


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    Tuesdays outtake

    BACK (3 sets each of): pull ups, bent over rows (50,60 and 65lbs), pull downs (70, 80x2), seated rows (50,60 x2)

    BICEPS (3 sets each of): dumbbell curls (10, 12x 2), preacher curls (17.5, 20, 22.5lbs)

    Wednesdays intake

    B: double egg omelet with cheese, sweet peppers, turkey bacon and tomato
    M: tuna and cucumber slices
    L: chicken and ham salad
    M: cheese (slice)
    D: roast pork and steam veggies
    D: nothing

    Instead of water or crystal light today I had light cranberry (yum) and then later I tried cran wata (grape) however after 2 sips of that I gave my bro the rest cuz I could literally taste the sweet/sugar!

    These no sugar days are making my body so sensitive to sugar! Yaaay tumblr.

    Mondays intake

    B: double egg omelet
    M: peanuts
    L: cucumber slices with tuna
    M: soup and lean pork
    D: salad with curry chicken and smoked pork chops
    D: nothing

    * I had one glass of stones ginger wine, white rum and ting; also a shot of whiskey.

    Sundays intake

    B: double egg omelet
    M: peanuts
    L: sardine and cabbage
    M: nothing
    D: chicken, pork and shrimp with string beans
    D: nothing

    Saturday’s intake

    B: double egg omlette with cheese, turkey bacon, sweet pepper and tomatoes

    M: nothing

    L: popcorn chiken

    M: peanuts

    D: red peas soup and cucumber with tuna

    D: nothing

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